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Automatic wire coiling&binding machine 1

automatic wire coiling&binding machine

We are very keen to discuss further details of the automatic wire coiling&binding machine FLC-L300 . We have some initial information listed below:

  • Can you send me samples of the twist ties that are used on the machine FLC-L300?  Our customer has very particular requirements abut what is used to tie the coils of tubing.  We will need to send them samples of the twist ties to ensure it meets their requirements.  I will provide the address to send to below.

——–The inside material is metal wire and outside material is plastic which is same as the one for cable in electronic products

  • Please advise what speed the FLC-L300 machine can wind a 20m coil of tubing.  We need to understand how many coils per hour will be produced.  Will the speed change with the diameter of the tubing that is being coiled?

—The speed is app. 25-30 sec per coil. 

  • Please provide the dimensions of the machine FLC-L300.  I need to understand the space required in our factory to install the machine.

——-Machine size: 1800x1400x1600mm  If the pay-off machine is requried, size :1000x800x800mm