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Automatic wire coiling&binding machine 2

automatic wire coiling&binding machine

We are very keen to discuss further details of the automatic wire coiling&binding machine FLC-L300 .   We have some initial information listed below:

  • Can you please provide photos/dimensions and pricing of the rolls of twist tie.  As we are based in xxx we need to understand what the costs will be to purchase more of the twist tie material and where is the best place to purchase it from.  Do Fhopepack sell the twist ties in bulk quantities?

—–Yes, we can offer the twist ties in bulk quantities. The price is app. USD xxx per 100m

  • We will be installing the machine to have the tubing feed coming from a payoff machine.  Do you supply pay off machines also?  Can you send me details/pricing?

——Yes, we provide the payoff machine, please let me have your reel size: OD x Width and weight.

  • We are also interested in understanding whether an accumulator will be needed.  Can you please explain when this would be required and provide detaisl/pricing?

          ——–For matching the automatic & high speed and coiling,payoff+accumulator are required. The price of the automatic payoff+accumulator is app. $xxx–$xxx.