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Mold Die Flipper Equipment

A mechanical mold upender is a machine that is specifically designed to flip or rotate molds from a horizontal to a vertical position, or vice versa. This type of machine is commonly used in manufacturing and industrial settings to safely and efficiently handle molds during storage and transportation.

The machine typically consists of two main structures: a driving base and a turning frame. The driving base provides the power and control for the upending process, while the turning frame is the mechanism that grips and rotates the mold.

The working table size of the machine can be customized to accommodate different mold load specifications. This means that the table can be designed to handle molds of various sizes and weights. The upender should also have a mechanism to secure the molds so that they are stable during the molding upending process. Safety is also important, so it should include safety mechanisms such as emergency stop button, limit switch, anti-tilt switch to ensure the safety of the operators and the equipment.

It is also important to note that the machine should be designed to handle the specific type of mold, for example, the weight, size and material of the mold should be considered when selecting a mold upender to ensure that it is capable of handling the task safely and efficiently.