Orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer

A newly designed packaging line from FHOPE’s automatic orbital packaging machine.Wrap the plastic film around the pallet and bottom of the pallet with a button or a wireless remote control on the forklift for 360 degree winding packaging.

The new orbital packer machine uses a state-of-the-art sensor array for sorting, automatically senses pallet objects on the conveyor line, automatically calculates pallet length and alignment Settings, and then automatically pushes the pallet into the packaging workstation.After the data setting is completed, the pallet is wrapped in front, middle and back. After the ideal packaging effect is completed, the pallet will be automatically transported to the unloading conveyor for transportation or storage arrangement.When the first finished pallet is removed from the discharge, the next pallet is automatically pushed to the feed line for a smooth and efficient working.

The machine adopts the new PLC control system packaging machine, this development is to speed up the packaging process, to achieve the liberation of hands, safety first packaging principle, to achieve only need a lift truck driver without leaving the seat can control the whole packaging function.Packaging ring size of new production machine and can be customized according to need.

The packaging machine in the automatic Wrapper production line is manufactured by the company’s headquarters (located in Reading, China). The shipment is carried out under the condition of complete assembly, with full warranty, and can be inserted and operated at any time.

The compact obital stretch wrapepr and packaging machine also enables multiple items, such as metal and plastic rods, pipes and channels, and various construction products, to be bundled into a single packaging unit and delivered without further packaging.

The new box packaging function of FHOPE using color and touch screen interface application, the screen picture is clear, intuitive, simple to understand. Easy to operate personnel safety training and screen setting.Contribute to new e-commerce packaging and other picking and packing and shipping.The machine will pack the box, just need the operator to place the product on the feed conveyor, and watch the packaging machine automatically centering and will automatically wind the packaging, the packaging material will be around the product and any position of 360 degree packaging.After automatic unloading, the packing boxes are transported to the stacking position for delivery of the packaged products.

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